03 March 2020 Show (1980 Part I)

'I think artists in general make a statement - 
   and for the rest of their lives - every album, 
   every book - are variations on a theme.'
        - Mark Mothersbaugh
1980 Playlist
Mekons - Memphis Egypt
Cabaret Voltaire - The Voice Of America/Damage Is Done
Siouxsie and the Banshees - Happy House
The Cure - A Forest
The Jam - Start!
B52s - Strobe Light
Airplane! Sound Bite
Elvis Costello and the Attractions - High Fidelity
Squeeze - Misadventure
Rockpile - Heart
Bob Dylan - Are You Ready?
Bruce Springsteen - The River
Warren Zevon - A Certain Girl
Blues Brothers Sound Bite
Rolling Stones - Let Me Go
Post Raisin Bran Cereal Commercial
Devo - Cold War
Devo - Don't You Know
Devo - That's Pep
Devo - Mr. B's Ballroom
Caddyshack Sound Bite
Hall & Oates - United State
Joe Jackson - Pretty Boys
Peter Gabriel - No Self Control
Kate Bush - Army Dreamers
The Shining Sound Bite
XTC - Love At First Sight
Echo and the Bunnymen - Stars Are Stars
Ramones - High Risk Insurance
Dead Kennedys - Stealing People's Mail
Psychedelic Furs - We Love You
Stiff Little Fingers - Nobody's Hero


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