11 August 2015 Show












‘Music produces a kind of pleasure which

   human nature cannot do without.’

 -  Confucius





The Mekons – Memphis Egypt

Desaparacidos – The Left I Right

Torres – Strange Hellos

Eleventh Dream Day – Cheap Gasoline

Bully – Too Tough


FFS – Collaborations Don’t Work

Fingerprintz – Wet Job

Todd Rundgren – Bang On The Drum All Day

Wilco – Taste The Ceiling

Richard Thompson – Josephine


Doug Sahm – Papa Ain’t Salty

Willie Nelson & Merle Haggard – Missing ‘Ol Johnny Cash

Hard Working Americans – Stomp and Holler

Lucinda Williams – Met An Old Friend


Lemolo – Letters

Lemolo – Who Loves (Live)

Joy Watkins – What A Good Woman Does

Joanna Gruesome – Reality In Motion


Chris Staples – Cindy (Live)

The Bongos – Tiger Nights

The Feelies – Loveless Love

Ezra Furman – Wobbly

Reptar – Cable

Weezer – Islands In The Sun


Peter Tosh – Ketchy Shuby

Bunny Wailer – Dancing Shoes