11 January 2011 Show




The Mekons – Memphis, Egypt

Elvis Presley- Viva Las Vegas

National Lampoon’s Vacation Soundbite

Sara Bareilles – Vegas

Swingers Soundbite

Katy Perry – Waking Up In Vegas

Vega$ Soundbite

Cocteau Twins – Heaven Or Las Vegas


The Belle Brigade – Losers

Edie Brickell – Give It Another Day

Kurt Vile – Jesus Fever

Only Son – Magic

O Emperor – Sedalia


Tapes N Tapes – Freak Out

Chasing Amy Soundbite

Cake – Sick Of You

Frank Zappa – Fembot In A Wet T-Shirt

Missing Persons – Destination Unknown

Eg and Alice – New Year’s Eve


David Bowie – Sound and Vision

Crowded House – World Where You Live

Memento Soundbite

Loverboy – Turn Me Loose

Mother Love Bone – Stardog Champion


Gregg Allman – Just Another Rider

Scent Of A Woman Soundbite

Robbie Robertson – When The Night Ws Young

David T. Walker – Lay Lady Lay

Cowboy Junkies – Square Room


Tape Deck Mountain – It Goes Down

My Bloody Valentine – When You Sleep

Ride – Cool Your Boots


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