12 May 2015 Show












‘Painting is just another way of keeping a diary.’

 -  Pablo Picasso





The Mekons – Memphis Egypt

Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five – It’s Nasty

Prince – Baltimore

Avers – Vampire


Jason Isbell – 24 Frames

Tallest Man on Earth – Darkness of the Dream

Heartless Bastards – Gates of Dawn

Alabama Shakes – Give Me All Your Love


Bob Dylan – Dark Eyes

Nirvana – Where Did You Sleep Last Night

Mitch Hedberg Sound Bite

Peter Bjorn and John – Blue Period Picasso

Tame Impala – Disciples


Kotique FDS Commercial


Giant Sand – Hurtin’ Habit

Giant Sand – Heaventually

Giant Sand – Good and Gone

Ben Folds – new track from So There (Live, Richmond VA, 2015)


Christi – You Don’t Believe Me

Metz – Spit You Out

Mitch Hedberg Sound Bite

Palma Violets – Danger In The Club

Hop Along – The Knock


The Mekons – Funeral

The War On Drugs – Suffering (Live, Richmond VA, 2015)


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