19 September 2017 Show

‘I don’t believe in singing lessons.
   You can sing or you can’t.’
       - Harry Dean Stanton
The Mekons – Memphis Egypt
Soul Train Sound Bite
B.T. Express – Peace Pipe
Archie Bell and the Drells – On Your Radio
Ohio Players – Funk-O-Nots
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club – Little Thing Gone Wild
Prophets Of Rage – Hail To The Chief
Foo Fighters – Sunday Rain
How Do You Ask For A Date? Sound Bite
Adam and the Ants – Desperate But Not Serious
Bob Dylan, Peter Himmelman, Harry Dean Stanton – Adelita
Harry Dean Stanton – Cancion Mixteca
David Letterman / Harry Dean Stanton Sound Bite
Iggy Pop – Repoman
Repoman Sound Bite
Ry Cooder – Paris Texas
Hüsker Dü – Never Talking To You Again
Hüsker Dü – Sorry Somehow
Hüsker Dü – Flexible Flyer
Hüsker Dü – Turn On The News
Rank and File – Coyote
Wilko Johnson / Roger Daltrey – Ice On The Motorway
Randy Newman – It’s Money That Matters
Minor Poet – Plot Devices
Lilly Hiatt – Everything I Had
The Replacements – Takin’ A Ride (Live)
The Replacements – Bastards Of Young (Live)
The Hollies – Pay You Back With Interest
Frank Ocean - Provider


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